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Bitcoin SuperSplit Scam Uses Royal Couple In Fake Ads

Bitcoin Scam
Bitcoin Scam

New crypto scam named Bitcoin SuperSplit is baiting unsuspecting victims by showcasing Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in what seems to be a fake news promotion. Our research has shown that Bitcoin SuperSplit is a part of an illegal network of cloned websites designed to attract new customers by using false advertising tactics.

According to leading industry watchdog and review portal ScamBitcoinRobot.com, the Bitcoin SuperSplit software is connected to “offshore CFD brokers” (contract for difference) which are unlicensed and operate anonymously without any type of oversight or regulatory approval.

Bitcoin SuperSplit Harry and Meghan

In other words, customers who signup for the Bitcoin SuperSplit SCAM or others like it are basically becoming full-fledged members of a casino and gambling their money away on a crap-shoot. In fact, in a casino your chances of winning are much better since the odds are set on a fixed payout. In this case your chances of generating profits are basically non-existent because the money victims invest is divided between the brokers themselves and the online promoters who peddle the software under false pretenses. In professional terms this type of scheme is referred to as a revenue or profit share scheme. Only in this case the investor’s loss is the merchants profit (herein the conflict of interest).

Why Is This Happening?
Fake celebrity endorsements are not a new phenomenon, and many high profile actors or public figures have suffered from this trend. It’s also worth stating that fake endorsements are used in a variety of business niches such as supplements, health care products, and weight loss or diet pills schemes. This is happening because celebrities are recognized as trustworthy and believable individuals, and this trend will not abate any time soon.



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