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How to Make Scrambled Eggs? Cheese, Milk, and Cheers!


When more than 60% of the globe wish good morning to others while holding a plate of scrambled eggs then ‘how to make scrambled eggs’ seems fair and sane question. According to Wikipedia, scrambled eggs and acidic fruit juices were the most popular as French breakfast back in the 17th century. Yes, the history of scrambled eggs further backward in history.

I’m sure that if you google ‘how to make scrambled eggs?’, you will end up with tons of websites. It looks like almost everyone has discovered their own ways to spice up this simple dish according to their tastes and food cultures. Yes, as a common breakfast dish, it has global popularity. In this article, I’m going to arrange some of the most popular and common scrambled eggs recipes. So, let’s dig in.

How to make scrambled eggs with milk?

Like eggs, milk is also a common and an ‘almost-everything’ drink for the people around the globe. So, eventually, scrambled eggs with milk is the best possible combination of both worlds. So, how to make it without losing the love portion? Let’s consider that, you want to make this dish for you and your loved one. Means, you are making the dish for 2 servings. The ingredients that you will need for this dish are regular ones and easily available. The cooking process is also dead simple.

The preparation with measured ingredients.

Take a medium-sized bowl. Gently break 4 eggs in it along with salt(to taste), peeper(simply sprinkle) and 1/4 cup of regular milk. Blend this together and put aside. Take a medium-sized skillet non-stick pan and heat 2 tablespoon butter on medium heat. When the butter melts, pour this mixture on it and cook it on medium flame.

Now, the most important and challenging part of the cooking is that you will have to pull the eggs with a spatula to make chunky soft curds of thickened eggs. It will be easier if you pull the eggs across the pan with the spatula. And, during the cooking period, you have to continue this process. Simply, pull, lift and fold the eggs in order to thicken the curds of the eggs. And, when the entire mixture is thickened and there is no liquid portion of the eggs remains, the dish is ready for going on the breakfast table. Serve it smoking hot to reward your test buds.


Is there any simpler dish than this? I bet, no. But, having said that, many people find it really difficult to make those big chunks of egg curds. Further, if you do the entire cooking process on high flame, there are chances that you will end up burning the mixture. Always try to use a non-stick skillet for cooking this dish as cast iron skillets react with the eggs during the cooking process and leave the dish with a greenish tint on the thickened eggs which is not desirable.

Lastly, to make this scrambled egg recipe more fluffy, you can beat the mixture harder to aerate the eggs.

How to make scrambled eggs with cheese?


So, how to make scrambled eggs? Let’s Say Cheese! Well, jokes apart, here’s another popular scrambled egg dish loved up with cheese.

Now, before start prepping the dish, you will need to find some good cheese that goes along with eggs. I like good cheese brands that are meltable, semi-firm and golden in color like, Parmigiano Reggiano, Comte, and Morbier. I bet, this is not the Bible of cheese and you can always infuse your best choice in this dish.

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The preparation with measured ingredients.

The preparation of this scrambled egg dish is almost similar to the previous dish. Take a bowl. Break 4 eggs. Add salt and pepper. Beat the egg mix to get the fluffiness you want. Heat a non-stick skillet. Put a justified amount(around 2 tablespoons) of butter on it. Tip the egg mix in the skillet. One the eggs start solidifying pull the sides of the eggs into the center of the skillet to get large fluffy curds of eggs.

Now, when you are 30 seconds away from finishing the dish, add a layer of finely grated cheese on top of the hardened eggs. Now, in these 30 seconds, the eggs will get hardened completely and with that, the cheese will start to melt into the eggs. A juicy, fluffy and cheesy scrambled egg dish is ready for serving. It’s smoking hot and mouth-watering.

As the gas oven sizes differ, there is no exact level of ‘medium heat’ or ‘high heat’. It’s relative. That’s why some people like to add the cheese as soon as they tip the egg mix into the skillet for getting a better integration between the eggs and the grated cheese. Admittedly, there is no hard line that cleaves these two processes. You can try both to get the best result for you. The choice is solely yours.


Cheese and Eggs both are protein intensive foods. So, scrambled eggs with cheese can be a bit problematic for certain medical conditions of us. Further, cheese lovers always forget the basic thing of this dish and they kind of ‘Cheesify’ the whole thing.

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How to make scrambled eggs fluffy?


There are many answers, from people around this globe to this elemental question – how to make scrambled eggs fluffy? I always get lost with too many answers to a particular question about the process of cooking any dish. So, I will be fair with you here with three distinct and basic processes to make scrambled fluffy.

Firstly, you can add salt to the egg mixture before beating it as salt breakdown protein to a level where it becomes moist and you get a tender and fluffy scrambled egg dish. Secondly, you can add 1 tablespoon of water per egg to the egg mixture to make it fluffy as when you heat the mixture the trapped water inside makes water bubbles and tries to get evaporated. Thus, making the hardened eggs more airy and fluffy.

Lastly, you aerate the egg mixture by beating it vigorously. More air inside the mixture more fluffy it’s going to be.


Get this straight- milk doesn’t make the scrambled eggs fluffier but it does one thing- make eggs diluted, colorless and rubbery.

Make scrambled eggs in the microwave.


When you want to cook scrambled eggs using your microwave, be careful. Undercooking the eggs is hard but overcooking the same is easy with the microwave. Simply butter your plate. Break eggs with salt and pepper. Beat the mixture and tip the mixture in the plate and cook it.

Set the microwave oven to 800 to 1000 Watts and give the dish from 30 seconds to 90 seconds. In between, you can pause the microwave and fork the eggs to get complete hardened eggs. Simply, take out the dish in between cooking and do not forget to fork it.

Best scrambled eggs? Yes.

I have no idea about ‘how to make scrambled eggs’ the best way. Maybe you are the best cook to kame the best scrambled eggs for you. I bet, all of us have unique ways to prepare this dish. And, you are the best cook to do it your way.

If you have any new idea regarding this, please share with us.


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