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How the Heart Chakra Stones Can Balance the Heart Chakra?


The heart chakra is the control room for the human mind and character. It expresses the ability of love and compassion in our hearts while balancing our stability in life’s drama. Admittedly, enough imbalance of this chakra can bend your life in unthinkable ways. But every problem is born paired with a solution, right? And heart chakra stones take that stand in this case.

According to the Yogic cultures, Anahata or heart chakra refers to the fourth basic focal point in our subtle body. The Sanskrit word Anahata means unstruck, unbeaten, or unhurt. Vedic teaching refers to this word as the unstruck sound of the celestial realm. From generic to human life, the word comes down to the symbolization of serenity and calmness connected to the hearty features, and hence defines the heart chakra and its significance in our life.

Unfortunately, in our modern stressful lifestyle, chakra imbalance is growing cancerous. Moreover, every chakra commands some physical organs. In the case of the heart chakra, the air being its element, any breach in this chakra vibration can badly affect chest-related diseases. That’s why proper guidance and consciousness on heart chakra healing became a necessity in modern days.

Before going on how the heart chakra stones can balance the heart chakra, let’s scroll down the symptoms.

Symptoms of heart chakra imbalance

The chakra imbalances are classified mostly in two types. The deficient one with lifeless blockage can’t produce enough juice to flow through the heart and out and the excessive option with aggressiveness generates uncontrollable energy outwards to go wild. And some traits reveal mixed results.

If you seek the right moment to decide for a heart chakra healing, be attentive to your common mental slope. It’s no biggie to pull out the unnatural activities from the stable mental flow with some help.

You may experience: 

  • Withdrawal symptoms or disconnection with people.
  • Clinginess and dependence on relationships.
  • The dread of loneliness and sleeping disorders.
  • Trust built on surrounding approval.
  • Hardship to forgive, judgemental characteristic, and indulging grudges for the lifetime.
  • Social anxiety, jealousy, defensiveness, constant fear, and suspicion.
  • Struggle in the free-flow of love and empathy.
  • Portraying yourself as a victim or martyr.
  • Heaviness in chest and heart or lung problems, asthma, blood pressure or circulation issues or other chest-oriented obstacles.

Ignoring any of these at their initial stage can push you to severe mental and physical problems in-no-time. Obviously you would see the doctor, but taking action on heart chakra healing as well won’t hurt much. Instead, it will aid the cure headfirst and support it with outstandingly quick results.

Which heart chakra stones are the best for healing the heart chakra?

Among the enormous variety of stones, green and pink heart chakra crystals are the best options for the heart chakra. But before starting to wear anything, align all of your chakras with Kyanite. You may go for green Kyanite to focus on heart issues.

Now comes the exact choice. As every crystal has its own vibrational energy, peak wisely to influence your heart chakra with the best-aligned heart chakra crystals for yourself. We have elaborated here twelve of the best heart chakra stones to heal any heart ailment related to this chakra.

Pink Rose Quartz 


(Source: Angel Grotto)

This semi-precious stone originates from India, Japan, Brazil, Madagaskar, South-Africa, USA, Argentina, and Mexico mostly.

It’s the most popular pink heart chakra stone to broaden your heart for unconditional love, self-love, inner-healing, gratitude, and immense peace. The loving feminine energy of this crystal resonates with both the heart chakra and the higher heart chakra as thymus.

Alongside strengthening empathy and attracting love, the soothing effect of this heart chakra crystal aids sleeping and other physical illnesses caused by the heart chakra disorder.



(Source: SivanaSpirit)

This precious gemstone comes mostly from Brazil, Russia, Egypt, India, Africa, Columbia, and Zimbabwe.

Among the different colors, the purest green ray of the green emerald is best for balance and stimulation, successful love, loyalty, bonding in relationships, and emotional-calmness. But it is also said to indicate disloyalty if the color in this stone changes. This crystal stimulates physical immunity to enjoy life at its best by absorbing negativity. Besides, it is believed to empower wisdom to the wearer.



(Source: Angel Grotto)

It’s a green-to-white colored semi-precious stone from Russia, China, Middle-East, Italy, and the USA. 
The common green color resonates with the heart chakra for physical and emotional healing, inspires purity, spiritual wisdom, confidence, and friendship quality. This stone of dream not only harmonizes the heart but also protects the wearer as believed in many cultures.



(Source: Angel Grotto)

Coming mostly from Sweden, Brazil, Germany, Spain, Mexico, and Russia, these pink and red rescue stones are the most favored heart chakra crystal recommendation for honesty, empathy, and forgiveness. These emotional balancers subsidies emotional stress and trauma, bring back life essence and navigates the wearer to their highest potential. 



(Source: SivanaSpirit)

This green-to-yellow colored South-African stone isn’t a precious choice only for heart chakra healing but also resonates with your solar chakra. This stone of serenity tunes the harmony between a human mind and nature, hence maintaining the state of continuous happiness and love in all aspects of life. This heart chakra stone is so powerful that it can cure the energy-healers too and enhances their spiritual vibration in the process.

Green Aventurine 


(Source: Angel Grotto)

This semi-precious crystal is a resident of India, Nepal, Tibet, China, Brazil, Spain, Russia, and Italy. The soft energy of this stone of opportunity and vitality smoothens frictions in relationships and enhances focus by enforcing life-spirit into the wearer. This nature-linked strong protector highlights unhealthy matters to eradicate them and stimulates growth and opportunities through emotional calmness.



(Source: Wikipedia)

The semi-precious olive-green gemstone mostly comes from China, Myanmar, Tanzania, Vietnam, Pakistan, and the USA. This protective stone activates the heart chakra by aura-cleansing and refreshes the physical and subtle body. This psychic healer empowers concentration and promotes transformation and growth to your better self.

Green Calcite


(Source: Astrolika)

The most abundant source of this semi-precious stone is Mexico. Counselors refer to this stone for pumping negativity out of your system and increasing physical immunity. Calcite promotes transformation by balancing emotional disorders.

Green Tourmaline


(Source: GeologyIn)

The green version of Tourmaline is also known as Verdelite. The major suppliers of this semi-precious crystal are Brazil, Nigeria, Tanzania, Namibia, Afghanistan, Mozambique, and Pakistan. This stone of rejuvenation stabilizes emotion and opens your heart towards life.



(Source: Angel Grotto)

Russia, Romania, Germany, Zambia, and Middle-East originated green stone of transformation are of best use in eradicating destructive thoughts, and moving on to the future prosperity and loyalty by letting go of the old heartache.



(Source: Angel Grotto)

India, Brazil, Russia, Madagascar, and the USA are the supplier of this turquoise green stone of hope, compassion, honesty, and courage. The resonator of both the heart and throat chakra bridges the vibrations on them to empower a perfect relationship by flushing out the mental blockages.



(Source: Angel Grotto)

This pink-to-orange colored resident of Russia, Uruguay, South-Africa, Argentina, and the USA are most popularly known for their outstanding ability to eliminate stubborn heartaches and replace self-criticism and self-doubt with self-confidence while reconnecting long-lost relations.

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How to use heart chakra stones?

The easiest way to use the chakra stones is to wear jewelry made out of them. Though for the best result, you should consider direct contact. Placing the healing crystal on your chest while relaxing or meditating can connect you with its vibration in a better way.

Pink heart chakra stones are the best healers of old emotional hurts and distress, whereas more nature-connected green ones are experts on balance, focus, growth, and transformations.

If you are willing to go further, there are high-vibrational green heart chakra stones like Moldavite, Herderite, Datolite as well as pink ones such as Petalite and Danburite. At first, try to adapt the high-vibrational crystals slowly so that the expected difficulties may reduce. Then go for the corresponding stones when you are confident enough to use them.

Final thoughts

The heart chakra healing crystals work their best when accompanied with a healthy diet, meditation, and yoga or exercise.


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