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How Root Chakra Stones Enhance the Root Chakra Energy?


When we are discussing the best root chakra stones for healing the root chakra energy, then it will be a sane thing to start this discussion with the basic and essential understanding of what root chakra is all about. Root chakra or Muladhara chakra is the first or base of all chakras in our entire chakra system and it’s the linchpin of our overall life’s success and thus, failure too.

The fastest way to overcome from these situations is the Root chakra stones. But before using them, we must understand where we stand, depending on our base chakra energy.

This chakra controls the primary spiritual energy of an individual person. Therefore, any imbalance in this chakra affects immensely on other chakras also. This red-colored chakra situated at the base of the spine represents balance and stability in mind and body. Hence, Root chakra imbalance pulls you down slowly towards a hopeless future, even suicidal tendencies. 

Disturbance in Root Chakra:

Both the cases of overactive or underactive chakra energy can cause harmful effects in your body and mind. Being the base or first chakra to connect with spiritual senses, both kind of Root chakra imbalance leaves a terrible impact on your bonding to the higher realm. The following are the signs of a disturbed Root chakra.

  • Feeling lost.
  • Purposeless in life.
  • Anxiety, excessive fear, tension, nervous breakdown.
  • Anger, envy.
  • Unhealthy habits.
  • Losing energy and interest in regular activities.
  • Eating or drinking too fast.
  • Sexual problems.
  • Heavy burden on the mind.
  • Disorganization in the home and work environment.
  • Struggling for the basic need of shelter, food, and money.

Best Root Chakra Stones:

There are several Root chakra stones around the world. But every one of them may not be suitable for your condition. Because chakra healing is somewhat personalized. It varies for different persons. We have covered twelve important Root chakra stones here. Select what is best suited for your help.

1. Red Jasper: Root Chakra Stones for Protection and Endurance


(Source: Angel Grotto)

Color: Earthy Red with Brown stripes

Chakra: Root and Sacral

Origin: India, Australia, Egypt, Canada, Brazil, Kazakhstan, Russia, Madagascar, Uruguay, USA

Price-point: Semi-precious (Rare unicolor versions are precious)

Availability: Common (Solid unicolor is rare)

Healing Areas: Heart, blood circulation, wound healing

In Greek, Jasper means spotted stone. Among these old-known protection gemstones, the red one nurtures physical energy, endurance, vibrancy, and emotional stability. Also, this grounding stone called ring bringer stirs creativity, authority, and abundance with life essence and motivates you during transformation. It is also good with smelling sense.

From the ancient ages, this crystal is mentioned among the best root chakra stones who works for maintaining your spiritual connection grounded with you all the time. People who practice Kundalini awakening yoga, take great interest in it.

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2. Bloodstone: Root Chakra Stones that Boost Self-esteem


(Source: Gemlab)

Color: Deep green with red patches

Chakra: Root, Sacral, Heart, Solar Plexus

Origin: India, Brazil, Madagascar, California, China, Bulgaria, Australia

Price-point: Precious

Availability: Rare

Healing Areas: Immune system, spleen, blood cleansing, kidneys, liver, intestines, and bladders

The name of this ‘martyr gemstone’ came from the legend of crucifixion. That said, the red spots are believed to be Christ’s blood splattered on the ground creating this variety of crystal. In Cristian tradition, it is believed to provide mystical energy and healing power of the Sun.

This is one of the best root chakra stones to represents immense cleansing quality in both physical and metaphysical areas. Resonating also with other chakras too, it cleanses impurity from blood and other organs and helps to relieve stomachache, as well as returning confidence, courage, strength, and bravery by repelling negativity.

If you are suffering from any threat anxiety in your life, this root chakra stone is your real deal. Again, it reveals the benefits of difficulties and keeps you live in the present moment.

3. Black Tourmaline for Spiritual Protection


(Source: Angel Grotto)

Color: Black

Chakra: Root

Origin: Sri Lanka, Brazil, Australia, Zimbabwe, Africa, USA, Pakistan

Price-point: Inexpensive

Availability: Common

Healing Areas: Detoxification, weight balance, physical vitality

This black-colored Schorl tourmaline is another protective shell among the stones for Root Chakra. It is believed to be the best repeller of low-energy frequencies, even in the physical sense, as it absorbs harmful electromagnetic waves too. 

This root chakra stone guards your happiness, positive attitude, and good luck. It is also powerful enough to defend you against the psychic attacks and similar negative vibrations coming at you by transmuting toxic energy into a lighter one.

4. Obsidian: Root Chakra Stones that Build Truth and Clarity


(Source: CharmsOfLight)

Color: Black, Silver, Reddish Brown or Mahogany

Chakra: Root

Origin: Worldwide (Near recent volcanic incidents)

Price-point: Inexpensive

Availability: Common (Pure Black is rare)

Healing Areas: Digestion, detoxification, joint-aches, and arthritis pain

Glassy Obsidian is not only able to push back negative frequencies, but it is also known for its truth-enhancing abilities. Besides protection, it provides mental calmness at the time of stress and tension. Among all the colors, the mahogany version is best-known as one of the stones for root chakra. And the black one fights against negative energies attacking you from outside.

This root chakra healing stone grows courage and curiosity for the unknown. For explorers, it strengthens their motivation at every level, while clearing out the mind from every confusion and ambiguity. If you are suffering from old trauma and fear, wearing this stone for the root chakra will bring peace to you.

5. Red Carnelian for Creativity and Leadership


(Source: Angel Grotto)

Color: Red, Orange

Chakra: Root, Sacral

Origin: India, Peru, Iceland, Romania, Czech Republic, Brazil, Slovakia, USA, Britain

Price-point: Semi-precious

Availability: Rare

Healing Areas: Bones, kidneys, arthritis, rheumatism, neuralgia, blood circulation, nutrients absorption, lower back pain

Among the Carnelian group of stones, the red colored stones resonate most with the Root chakra. This base chakra has a great positive impact on creativity, and hence the Root chakra stones do the same too. The stabilizing stone Red Carnelian inspires your passion and willpower, connects better bonds with nature, enhances memory, courage, and self-esteem.

Carnelian is also useful for treating any old abuse and encouraging steadfastness with self-trust. It is said to enhance analytical abilities and clearing perception. By inducing concentration, it fights against procrastination.

Negative emotions like anger, envy, resentment reduces gradually with love when you wear them for a period of time. It also carries the historical significance of strength and bravery, and for improving sexuality and fertility.

6. Smokey Quartz: Root Chakra Stones for Cooperation and Intuition


(Source: CharmOfLight)

Color: Light smoky Gray, Brown, Black

Chakra: Root and Crown

Origin: Around the World

Price-point: Inexpensive

Availability: Common

Healing Areas: Muscle cramp, digestion, leg, hip, headaches, backaches, heart, nerve, reproductive system.

The earthy Smoky Quartz unabatedly follows the healing lineage of Quartz stones. Being one of the significant crystals among the Root chakra healing stones, it neutralizes negativity in mind carrying harmful emotions like mistrust, rage, fear, envy and eradicates impurities intoxicating the body.

It is also prescribed to alleviate suicidal tendencies, and dispelling nightmares. Moreover, it fills those gaps with concentration, intuition, and cooperating behavior, and hence enhancing communication skills. Stabilizes a powerful practical sense, while revealing the realization of useless attachments and toxic matters.

7. Hematite: Root Chakra Stones for breeding the Willpower


(Source: Wikipedia)

Color: Black, Silver, Red with metallic luster

Chakra: Root

Origin: Italy, Canada, Switzerland, Brazil, Sweden, Britain

Price-point: Inexpensive

Availability: Common (Kidney Ore crystal is somewhat rare)

Healing Areas: Blood-flow regulation, kidneys

Hematite or Haematite is an Iron ore found in various forms. Some have magnetic properties and some blood-like (crushed in powder) variation is used in pigmentation. Ancient people believed that the source of this stone is the blood of the battle-warriors mixing with the soil.

The stone of mind is another addition in the Root chakra stones for transmuting negative vibration into positive waves. The luster of this crystal reflects the negative intentions back to their source. It’s a brilliant choice for deep meditation.

Increasing willpower, this stone stimulates the Root chakra of the wearer to break out of the grips of addictions and overspending. Not only that, it hammers on your survival instincts and logical thinking to alter any kind of bad habit. Builds a firm stand on decision-making also in financial and business matters.

8. Garnet for Love and Health


(Source: Wikipedia)

Color: Pink, Orange to Dark Red, Brown, Green

Chakra: Root (Different colors resonates with other chakras)

Origin: India, Brazil, China, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Australia, Thailand, South Africa, Kenya, Zambia, USA

Price-point: Semi-precious (Depends on variety)

Availability: Common (Depends on color and shape)

Healing Areas: Metabolism, immunity, spinal fluid regulation, bones, DNA and cellular balance, lungs, heart, blood purification

Like other Root Chakra healing stones, Garnet re-activates the base chakra by eliminating the impurities. Besides stimulating serenity and sensuality, the stone of health re-energizes passion and devotion, and restores sexuality with commitment, love, and devotion.

In ancient China, this crystal was used as a medicine to rejuvenate the flow of life chi throughout the body. It also has a marvelous hold on past-life recalling and Kundalini rising practices. This Root Chakra stone also fortifies survival sense on a balanced level.

9. Jet for Financial Stability and Protection from Violence


(Source: Wikipedia)

Color: Black, Deep Brown

Chakra: Root

Origin: England, Yorkshire, Spain, India, Russia, Turkey, Poland, Cambodia, China, Germany, Aude region in France, and other areas of North-Europe, North America, and Asia

Price-point: Inexpensive

Availability: Common

Healing Areas: Migraines and other headaches treatment, recovering traumatic injuries

This hard mineraloid from fossilized wood is greatly known for aura-cleansing and healing properties. Since it shows a sponge-like characteristic in absorbing negative vibration, this Root Chakra stones demands regular cleaning and maintenance. Use warm soapy water instead of salt water to clean it.

This coal-predecessor gemstone is responsible for the word ‘jet-black’ from the old days. People used to carry it in the medicine kit for its immense power of recovering poor health and protection from outside violence. In business and financial deals, it’s a great help to make a right and practical firm decision.

10. Poppy Jasper: Root Chakra Stones for Bonding and revealing Potential


(Source: Crystals-Online)

Color: Black, Yellow, and mottled Red

Chakra: Root

Origin: South-Africa, China, Morgan Hill in California, USA, 

Price-point: Semi-precious

Availability: Not rare

Healing Areas: Heart-ache, allergies

These orbicular Jasper stones with Poppy flowered shape aligns wonderfully with Root Chakra frequencies. This grounding stone symbolizes courage, willpower, strength, peace, and daily happiness. These stones for Root Chakra are great aid on astral-level security.

These are also known for loving bonds and perfect job searches. Reinstate loyalty and extract your true potential, while empowering confidence in unpleasant conditions with demanding people. They are even helpful to connect with animals.

11. Red Tiger’s Eye for Instinct and Challenge-acceptance


(Source: Healing Stones Healing Crystals)

Color: Golden to Reddish Brown

Chakra: Root, Solar Plexus, Sacral

Origin: South Africa, Western Australia, India, Burma, Namibia, California

Price-point: Inexpensive (Due to artificial production)

Availability: Very Rare

Healing Areas: Metabolism, the endocrine system including adrenal glands, hormone, and weight regulation, recovers overactive nerves, broken bones, throat, and eyes. 

This precious gemstone alleviates overall health and physical vitality. It ignites better intuition and gut-feelings. Connects your body with spiritual bonding. Dares you to accept new challenges. Overcomes guilt and shame around sexual situations and increases libido to accept your requirements.

These Root Chakra stones have an unbelievable grounding power to balance the aggressive nature and maintain yin-yang vibration. They also heal the physical problems produced from old abuse and trauma in sexual acts. These survival stones resonate with self-love and care.

12. Fire Agate for Energy and Spiritual Grounding


(Source: Geology.com)

Color: Brown to nearly Black (Rainbow impact under Sunlight) 

Chakra: Root

Origin: Northern Mexico and the Southwestern regions of the United States 

Price-point: Semi-precious

Availability: Rare

Healing Areas: Central nervous system, eyes, physical vitality

These protective stones for ‘eternal youth’ energize your body by flushing away impurities and absorbing nutrients. Also in spiritual senses, it blows away ill-wishing energies and stabilizes the inner power. Increasing passion, these Root chakra stones also work for balancing libido.

How to use Root Chakra Stones

Root chakra stones can perform their best only if you learn how to utilize them properly. What stone will suit you, that totally depends on your personal aura. Hence, it is advised to increase your using schedule gradually, so that high-energy stones can’t affect your balance suddenly. Let’s explore some methods to carry them perfectly.

  • Hold a Root chakra stone point away from where the base chakra is placed. 
  • Meditate this way in a peaceful place to ground your Root chakra vibration.
  • Crystal singing bowls tuned with C frequency aligns best with the Root chakra.
  • Use Root chakra affirmation and repeat it in mind during meditation. The best option is to write your own affirmation to overcome your current problems.
  • Use essential oils like Thyme, Vetiver, ylang-ylang, Rosewood, Ginger, Myrrh, etc.
  • Eat red-colored foods like Apples, tomatoes, strawberries, cherries, raspberries, watermelons, beans, pomegranate.
  • Perform Root chakra mudras like Gayan mudra.
  • Yogas such as forward bend, mountain pose, chile pose are ideal for Muladhara chakra balancing.
  • For sound therapy, concentrate on the Root Chakra bij mantra ‘LAM’.
  • During mudras, yogas, mantra-chanting, or meditation keep the Root chakra stones close to you or stay in touch with them when possible.
  • It is always better to take professional guidance to begin chakra meditation.
  • For Root chakra, start with imagining a deep red-colored light ball at the spine-base and then think that the ball is slowly moving towards your leg and reaches to the end of the feet to the toes.

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Nowadays, crystal healing for chakra balance has become the most popular process due to its easily understandable systems and quick results. But the best result comes with patience and time. Proper food, drinks, and lifestyle control how effective they will be with you. If you are willing to have their full potential, a little bit of research will be a great help.


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