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How to Use Throat Chakra Stones?


Among the seven chakras in the human body, the fifth member Visuddha chakra sits in the middle of our throat. The light blue aura of this chakra talks about self-revelation, creativity, emotion, and communication. Therefore, any imbalance here can result in disastrous effects on social connectivity. Throat chakra stones are the easiest way to harbor the full potential once again.

Moreover, this first component among the spiritual chakras is named as the soul’s gate, as it bridges the thread between heart and head. Being the controller of Thyroid and Parathyroid glands, and other throat-related issues, throat chakra impurity can lead to an unspeakable health condition.

Signs of Throat Chakra Imbalance

There are two types of misalignments that happen in the throat chakra. Sometimes it remains underactive and sometimes overactive. Also, some problems are the mixed results of both the conditions. Let’s have a look at the symptoms:

  • Unable to make yourself understandable or acceptable to others.
  • Losing the right words while talking.
  • Dread on public speaking.
  • Feeling depressed and trapped in your own negative and destructive thoughts.
  • Defensive and over-reacting nature.
  • Overtly emotional and overthinking.
  • Dishonesty, insensitivity, frustration, self-doubt, shyness.
  • Shutting down true purpose and opinion.
  • Sensitive hormone-fluctuation, neck pain, tissue and gland diseases in the throat area.
  • Mouth ulcer and ear-ache or hearing troubles. 

Here, we have talked about the ten most important throat chakra stones and more for you to have a range of selection perfect for your individual problems.

1. Throat chakra stones: Aquamarine for Communication, Courage, and Creativity


(Source: Angel Grotto)

Color: Greenish blue

Chakra: Throat

Origin: India, Afghanistan, Brazil, Mozambique, Mexico, Madagascar, Russia, USA

Price-point: Semi-precious

Availability: Rare

Healing Areas: Throat, Skin, Lungs

Aquamarine is believed to be the most influential crystal among the throat chakra healing stones. The name originates from the Latin expression ‘Water of the sea’. From ancient times, the ‘treasure of mermaids’ encouraged so many sailors and explorers as a token of protection from drowning.

The gently flowing energy emitted from this crystal carefully stimulates the lifeforce to spread from heart to throat, overcoming the fear of communication. Reducing the overthinking boiler inside you, it soothes the present moment and brings back flexibility in conversation. That helps you radiate the power without effort.

This throat chakra stone flushes away any barrier in mind to articulate clean thoughts by enhancing courage, patience, tolerance, and empathy. Bubbling knowledge and intellect, it floods your mind with creative ideas and brings forth confidence and honesty to speak your soul out to the world over a firm stand on your better-self.

2. Throat chakra stones: Lapis Lazuli for Truth and Friendship

(Source: Wikipedia)

Color: Deep blue or blue-white combination

Chakra: Throat, Third Eye

Origin: Egypt, Chile, Russia, Middle East, Afghanistan, USA

Price-point: Semi-precious

Availability: Rare

Healing Areas: Throat, vertigo, vocal cords, insomnia

When your surroundings are vibrating in deep peace, your connection with the threads of self-discovery and consciousness is tightly knotted. That’s what the rich aura of Lapis Lazuli offers to you. And obviously, in that ambiance, you feel nothing but the raw but soft flavor of truth and sincerity with the purpose of unconditional friendship. And navigates you to your true purpose of life.

This is one of the amazing throat chakra healing stones for fear and anger-management and to eliminate similar obstacles and helps you reveal yourself even in stressful situations by accepting who you are with grace.

Among the brilliant stones for the throat chakra to enhance spiritual wisdom, this one symbolizes power, spirit, honor, and vision. Its darker shades indicate the universal truth.

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3. Turquoise: Throat chakra stones for Self-acceptance


(Source: Angel Grotto)

Color: Green or Blue

Chakra: Throat

Origin: Peru, Tibet, Mexico, China, Arabia, Afghanistan, Russia, USA, Argentina

Price-point: Semi-precious

Availability: Rare

Healing Areas: Depression, toxication, exhaustion

This is one of the throat chakra stones having the longest history of usage behind them. The stone of self-acceptance was carried by warriors, kings, and spiritual-healers since ancient times as a talisman of esoteric powers including courage, leadership, wisdom, luck, confidence, and protection. Native American Indians believe that it’s able to bind the connection of the wearer with the spiritual world.

Entering Europe via Turkey, this throat chakra healing crystal gained its name. Not only for Vishuddha, but this special gemstone is also admired for helping to open other chakras too to facilitate better communication. The Tibetan Turquoise is especially known for erasing old blockages having roots in the family lineage.

4. Amazonite: Throat chakra stone for Courage and Hope


(Source: Angel Grotto)

Color: Turquoise green

Chakra: Throat, Heart

Origin: Brazil, India, Madagascar, Russia, USA

Price-point: Semi-precious

Availability: Rare

Healing Areas: Trauma, fear, muscle-injury, illness

Among the throat chakra stones, this one is best known for its measured way of expressing thoughts and feelings without clouding them over-emotionally. It takes you to the source of the problem through different insights and reveals out-of-the-box solutions. This is one of the stones for the throat chakra who cement the building of concentration, hope, compassion, and honesty.

Amazonite encourages you to welcome continuous changes and surprises from life to harmonize it with a positive attitude.

5. Sodalite: Throat chakra stones for Creativity and Logic


(Source: Angel Grotto)

Color: White flecks on the deep blue base

Chakra: Throat and Third Eye

Origin: India, Romania, Greenland, Brazil, Namibia, France, Canada

Price-point: Inexpensive

Availability: Common

Healing Areas: Headaches, blood pressure, inflammation, heart, anxiety, throat, vocal cords, and larynx.

The source of the word Sodalite means comrades in Latin Sodaltas. Because this throat chakra healing stone is known to pour friendship even in professional relations. Again, the Poet’s tone or Writer’s Stone is obviously good at cleaning thought processes and taking charge against negativity and self-doubts to feel you with the highest creative flow.

This is best known for alleviating all kinds of fear, aggression, and tension in impulsive and panic-prone sensitive people. When you are stabilized, everyone understands you better. This crystal is also helpful in phobias like flying or falling and similar. Psychological conditions in PMS or menopause and others related to hormonal imbalances can be caressed in the aura of this gemstone.

6. Blue Lace Agate: Throat chakra stones for Articulation and Balance


(Source: Crystal-life)

Color: Light Blue with white laces

Chakra: Throat

Origin: The Kalahari Desert in Namibia. Close varieties in India, Brazil, Morocco, Czech Republic, and USA

Price-point: Semi-precious

Availability: Rare

Healing Areas: Swollen glands, sore throat, thyroid

Among the stones for the throat chakra, this one is believed to impact most powerfully to heal Vishuddha chakra. Its soothing energy eliminates tension in nerves with a zen boost to speak out of your heart. When anger is neutralized and defensive-nature is overthrown by straight thinking, you reach the surrounding people with ease. That’s how this throat chakra stone powers you up to confront a large audience.

It is believed to radiate angelic energies with positive-outflow and the highest spiritual sense.

7. Blue Apatite: Throat chakra stones for the Inner Power Manifestation


(Source: NewMoonBeginnings)

Color: Blue

Chakra: Throat, Third Eye

Origin: Russia, Mexico, USA, Norway

Price-point: Inexpensive

Availability: Common

Healing Areas: Teeth, bones, anger, sorrow, exhaustion

The deep density and colored throat chakra stone inspires you with the manifestation of your original self, whereas eradicates negative thoughts and doubts. Promotes social ease in public speaking. Reduces over-reactions and enhances mental health.

It also broadens the area of your wisdom and intellect by stimulating brain activities. The expansion can take you to a journey of past-life experiences. It’s a brilliant choice for advanced meditation reflecting better personal development.

8. Blue Kyanite: Throat chakra stones for High-vibrational Connection


(Source: Gemstonist)

Color: Blue layered with White

Chakra: Throat and Third Eye

Origin: Italy, India, Brazil, Austria, USA

Price-point: Semi-precious (Deep blue colored is precious)

Availability: Very Rare

Healing Areas: Relationships, truth, communication

The Greek source of the name Kyanos means deep blue. Hence, the blue variety is the most popular one among these bonding crystals. This gemstone emits high-vibrational strong energy compared to the other stones for the throat chakra, and a marvelous choice for seven chakra alignments. Also, it opens new doors in mind towards psychic and telepathic powers.

This throat chakra stone is a powerful tool to promote loyalty and positivity to knit the breakages in relationships. This is also helpful in treating destructive behaviors and revealing new ideas to turn your life in a better direction. The blue avatar of this all-rounder stone deepens your intuition, self-expression, and builds a confident and firm voice while revealing your opinion in public either in the written or the vocal form.

9. Angelite: Throat chakra stones for Awareness and Wealth


(Source: NationalGemLab)

Color: Blue, White, and Colorless

Chakra: Throat, Crown, Third Eye

Origin: Mexico, Peru, Germany, Poland, Egypt

Price-point: Precious

Availability: Rare

Healing Areas: Thyroid, Parathyroid glands

This powerful angelic gemstone is one of the most popular stones of the throat chakra among the spiritual healers. It connects your individual awareness with the etheric realm and reveals the true nature of the universe. Moreover, people wishing for astral traveling, angelic guidance, telepathic connection, and psychic channeling use it for enhancing their focus.

Compassionate communication, peace, love, and tranquility is guided by this throat chakra healing stone.

10. Azurite for Focus and Spiritual Connection


(Source: Geology.com)

Color: Blue

Chakra: Throat and Third Eye

Origin: Peru, Australia, Chile, Russia, USA

Price-point: Semi-precious

Availability: Rare

Healing Areas: spine, kidneys, arthritis, stress, grief

The word azure implies sky blue. From ancient Egyptians to Greek and Romans believed in this vibrant blue colored mysterious psychic stone to be a potential healer. People named it as the stone of heaven.

This soft mineral of this sacred stone oxidizes and dissolves easily in sunlight, but mental guides use it in a pendulum to increase concentration by continuous gazing. Also, this process takes you to a ride on past life remembrance and aids long-lasting communication problems.

This is a brilliant student-help in stressful conditions of exams, conferences, and interviews. Cleaning confusion and tension, it restores memory, focus, and analyzation, while eradicating unwanted reactions.

Among the other throat chakra stones, blue Larimar is a great aid for anxiety, and balancing independence and firm-stand on communication. Shiny deep blue Labradorite is best known for spiritual practices. All the Moonstones are good for aligning seven chakras. Chrysocolla speaks of truth, hope, and harmony. Blue Calcite is a perfect choice for conversing with your inner-self while alleviating compulsive nature to take you to the spiritual realm. Celestite is the stone of articulation and public-speaking aid. It is another crystal for enhancing telepathic ability and spiritual awareness.

Process of Using Throat Chakra Stones

This blue chakra resonates better with blue colored high-vibrational stones. But using powerful stones for a long time from the beginning won’t give you the best result until you align your aura slowly with them.

Consider the ways described below:

  • Select a peaceful place to meditate and begin with a breathing exercise for ten repetitions.
  • Then rub the raw or polished crystal on your throat area for sometimes and practice channeling your thoughts on it.
  • In the beginning, meditate with the stone a few times per week.
  • Then increase the time-slot for ten minutes regularly and more.
  • Touch the stone from head-to-toe and relax the muscles.
  • Imagine a blue ball spinning on the throat section and gradually making it bigger.
  • Open your eyes when you feel done.
  • Think blue or surround yourself with that color. 
  • Listen to calm music or voice them to create low-vibrations.
  • Practice less-talking but mindful expressions.
  • After meditating with the crystals for some days, you can wear them in your jewelry.
  • Keep them close to you or in bedside tables.
  • Use crystal singing bowls.

Some throat chakra related yogas include fish pose, baby cobra pose, and shoulder stand. Fresh fruits and green vegetables, berries, and simple spices enhance the power of throat chakra. Drink enough water.

Last Thoughts

Being one of the spiritual chakras, throat chakra has a deep impact on other chakras as well. Hence, throat chakra stones empower not only this individual component but mobilize other chakra alignments too. But they are most productive when you consider a guided lifestyle with the right choice of food and yoga to build a climate for them to work properly.


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