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How to Use Chakra Stones For Healing 7 Chakras


The word chakra means wheel and it comes from the language “Sanskrit”. Chakra is related to wheels of energy which continuously rotate in several parts of our body. Chakra experts known as Clairvoyants describe chakra as wheels of different colour how or shape of flowers which have a hub in the centre. It is believed that chakra starts from the base of the spine and ends at the top of a humans head.

Each chakra’s rotation or vibration varies on each point. Its rotation or speed increases from lower to the high point which means that the crown chakra’s speed is the highest and the root chakra’s rotation are the slowest. Each chakra is defined by its own colour and certain chakra stones are used for a specific use. The chakra colours are violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow and rainbow. The energy and size of chakra vary with one’s physical and mental condition, stress, disease or energy level.

From ancient times, crystals are used to heal chakra. This practice has been used since ancient Egypt. As mentioned above, there are 7 chakra points in your body from where energy is amassed and released. If any of the chakra points are closed then negative energy starts to build at that point and creates a problem in attracting positive energy.

What Are Chakra Stones?

Raw Chakra Stones

The disruption in chakra points can cause you many problems so through ancient times healers or clairvoyants use chakra stones to open and heal the damaged chakras. These stones come in many colours. As you know that chakras in your body have a specific colour so to heal each chakra we need a different kind of stones. According to chakra experts if a chakra is damaged or start functioning improperly, then their colour changes. You can balance the chakra and get them to work properly with the help of chakra stones.

These crystals are also described by their abilities like heart chakra stones, third eye chakra stones, root chakra stones, throat chakra stones or sacral chakra stones. You can easily find those crystals in bracelets, rings and raw shapes.

How to Use Chakra Stones

With the passage of time, many techniques were developed to work with these magnificent stones. Here are some fun methods which you can use easily to boost your chakra energy.

During Meditation

Chakra stones meditation

One of the first techniques developed to use crystals properties is to connect with them through meditation. This technique requires you to hold the crystal and focus on your breathing while closing your eyes. With this method, you feel a deeper connection with the earth that creates a grounding effect. After a while, you will start to feel lighter. Sometimes you may not feel the connection but when you really connect with them you may experience the hair of your skin stand up. Be patient and keep experimenting because each crystal may feel will feel different.

Crystal Grid

Crystal grids are used to manifest and absorb the energy in a space. You can build a symmetrical pattern by aligning the stones in a grid. You can boost a crystal grid’s energy by using the flower of life grid cloths. These cloths provide a geometrical pattern that generates more energy. You can also apply Feng Shui principles to pick the colour of stones or where to place your grid in your home for a specific purpose.

Create a Sacred Space

Sacred spaces are more popular these days. Most yoga and meditation places consider them as a critical component in restoring chakra. The use of these crystals adds a beautiful and peaceful grounding presence in these calming places. The purpose of these crystals is to reconnect you with your intention when you visit these spaces.

Amethyst is considered to be the most sacred stone for these spaces due to its ability to emit pure positive energy that deepens your meditation state. These crystals help you build your intention in your space. Write your intention on a piece of paper and place on point on it, that point will amplify your intention and balance your chakra.

Carry Chakra Stones

You will gain more energy from these crystals if you have more contact with them. You can carry them around in your purse or pocket and use them when you need to bring your attention back to the intention that you are working towards. Use them in rings or bracelets are also an easy way to keep them connected with you.

Place them on Your Body

Chakra stones healing

Putting these crystals on a specific place of your body can have a greater effect than just holding them. You can pick a stone that corresponds to a specific chakra and put it on your body. For example, smoky quartz works better with your root chakra and opens your heart chakra for guidance and enlightenment. While keeping a crystal over your third eye can help you enter a deeper meditation state.

You can also use these stones during yoga or use them in your home décor to shift the energy of a space. Using them in the spa can help dispel negative energy and emits positive vibes that can heal and balance your chakra.

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There is a variety of chakra stones available to interact and heal your seven different chakras on the body. The energy you are getting from your chakra dictates your physical or emotional balance. These amazing chakra stones can make your mind and body healthy by transferring negative energy into positive energy. The key is to use the chakra stone with the techniques mentioned above to surround you with positive energy.

With the help of these stones, you can make your body chakras in a straight line which will allow you to gain better physical and mental health. You can achieve your intention by understanding the effect and purpose of each chakra. With this knowledge, you will be able to use the chakra stones to heal and align your chakra that can lead to physical and emotional harmony. You can also use aromatherapy with these stones to boost their effect.


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