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Quip Toothbrush Pros And Cons


Oral hygiene is something that most of us neglect which can cause many health issues. In our mouth, there are billions of bacteria lives that can cause plaque, gingivitis or tooth decay which can cause many gum diseases. To have a healthy smile and prevent oral diseases, you must perform good oral hygiene daily. Healthy diets, brushing after every meal and using antimicrobial mouthwash and the right toothbrush help you keep those bacteria under control.

It took a lifetime of care to keep your gums and teeth healthy. Even if your teeth are in good health you cannot relax overlook your oral hygiene. It is necessary to take the right steps daily to take care of your teeth, especially brush them before going to bed to prevent future problems. Oral hygiene also involves choosing the right oral care products like quip electric toothbrush and being mindful of your daily habits.

Tooth Decay

Tooth decay

Our mouth is home to a large bacteria community that helps us digest food and drinks. These bacteria can also cause tooth decay if we are not careful. They flourish on the sugar in our drinks and food that we consume daily. If we leave the waste of food in our mouth, then it forms dental plaque which allows these bacteria to stay longer in our mouth. After a short time, these bacteria start making acids that cause tooth enamel and cavities.

If you are careless in dealing with these bacteria then you may face many oral diseases like gingivitis which can lead to periodontitis. Periodontitis can cause bone and tissues to loss around the teeth.

Tips for Oral Hygiene

You may already know that brushing your teeth twice a day can keep them healthy. Many of us forget to brush our teeth before going to bed, which is the most crucial time for bacteria to grow in our mouth. Brushing at night also helps to remove the plaque which forms throughout the day. Here are some useful tips to keep your teeth healthy.

Must do for better oral health
  • You must brush properly. It is important to remove plaque from your teeth and food waste between them which cause bacteria to grow. Using a proper toothbrush like quip toothbrush can help you achieve that goal.
  • Not many people brush their tongue while brushing their teeth. Plaque can also form on your tongue and help bacteria grow. Gently brush your tongue with the back of your quip toothbrush to remove that plaque.
  • Fluoride is an important substance when it comes to oral hygiene. It helps prevent tooth decay by fighting the germs that cause tooth decay. It also provides a protective barrier around your teeth.      
  • Flossing the teeth is essential because it removes the little pieces of food that get stuck between your teeth. Flossing can be difficult but ready to use dental floss from drug stores can really help you remove the unwanted waste of food from your beautiful teeth.
  • Always choose dental floss over the toothpick. Toothpicks can damage your gums and leave holes between them where food gets stuck and root to boost the growth of harmful bacteria.
  • A good mouthwash can reduce the acid in the mouth and clean the area where a brush can’t reach in your mouth. It’s more useful for children and older people who have difficulty brushing or flossing their teeth.
  • Drink more water because it is the best beverage for your oral health.
  • Sugar is the ultimate source that converts into acid in your mouth. Acidic fruits, coffee and tea can also lead to cavities.
  • Finally, it is better to visit your dentist twice a year to maintain your oral health.

Toothbrushes play a key role in keeping our oral hygiene. They are been used since the dawn of human history to remove the stain and bad food pieces that stuck between our teeth. Ancient people use tree bark and really small branches to use as a toothbrush. Now there is a variety of manual and electric toothbrushes available out there to help you maintain your oral health.

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Electric or Manual Toothbrush What to Choose

To prevent oral disease and good oral care, brushing your teeth is the foundation. Both manual and electric toothbrushes are effective at removing plaque that causes disease and decay in your mouth. While electric toothbrushes have proven effective and safe at removing plaque.

Quip Toothbrush pros and cons

Quip electric toothbrush is one of the finest electric toothbrushes available these days. Let’s know more about the most effective quip toothbrush pros and cons.

Pros of the Quip Toothbrush

1.    Quip electric toothbrush is lightweight and has a unique design. Its main feature is sensitive sonic vibration that helps you clean the plaque from your teeth very easily. It has a built-in timer with 30-sec pulses.

2.    It is approved by the American Dental Association which is the largest dental association in the world and their opinion matters.

3.    It comes in many colours and materials so that you can choose the one you like. These materials include blue plastic, green plastic, copper, gold, silver and slate metal.

4.    It is easy to know, how does the quip toothbrush charge.

5.    You can subscribe with the company to get fresh brush and battery every 3 months for only 5$ at your doorstep.

6.    It is also easy to use by people who have limited mobility for the conditions like developmental disabilities, carpal tunnel or arthritis because it does most of the work for you.

7.    Unlike other electric toothbrushes, you won’t have to change the whole brush every time when it gets old. You can simply change the head of your quip electric toothbrush or its battery.

8.    Children love to brush their teeth and they experience more fun while using quip electric toothbrush.

9.    They are also very safe for gums if you use them properly.

10.  You will find a manual about quip toothbrush how to change the battery.

Cons of the Quip Toothbrush

1.    The most visible con for quip electric toothbrush is that it is more expensive than a manual toothbrush.

2.    You have to replace the battery after some time to keep it working properly.

3.    There is no battery status to let you know when it is time to change the battery.

4.    They are less eco-friendly than the manual ones.

5.    Some people don’t like the sensation of vibration in their mouth so they prefer manual toothbrushes.

6.    Like every electric toothbrush, quip creates a bit more movement in saliva which feels a little messy while you are brushing.


The best toothbrush is the one that you can easily use and the toothbrush that gives you the satisfaction of good brushing experience. If you choose to use an electric toothbrush, make sure to choose quip electric toothbrush because not only quip is stylish and comfortable but also easy to use. Replace the head of your quip electric toothbrush timely so that it continues to work effectively.

With the daily use of quip electric toothbrush not only your teeth will shine and free from plaque, your gums will also be free from oral diseases.


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